Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)
Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)
Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)
Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)
Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)
Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)
Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)
Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)

Pro 46 with Exclusive RC finish (“Raw”/Clear)

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For your BMW e46 sub model; sedan, coupe, wagon & e46m3, . Please be sure to leave vehicle YMM info in purchase notes. 

This Brace is the exact same construction of the PRO46, for all e46 3 series platforms, m or sub models. However, Its weld and finishing processes are extremely laborious which leads to the price difference and one needed for these. This isn’t you’re everyday off the shelf racer brace it is a piece of finely engineered craftsmanship that’s hard matched, worldwide. 

While it doesn’t serve me nor do I want to take more time on any build bs another, I simply have to have the time necessary for these builds. The build itself is appx 4 times the length of a regular to-color brace. The orders for these in this finish of this and other braces in same finish are at an all time high, and so is the turnaround. Please expect 4 business week minimum turnaround time. Depending on workload max wait can be 8 weeks, anything more and you’ll be contacted with the reason and complimentary incentives for your patience’. Nothing without prior agreement or notification of special circumstance thus far has gone outside of this time frame. I am doing my very best to gauge time and get these out ASAP, and that’s exactly how it will continue. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and business and for choosing DMGA .

Thank you! 




2001.5 and earlier e46 owners, check your towers for structure stamping often referred to as 'bumps', or "bumpy towers". Contact me directly so we can take care of you if you have this style strut towers. If you have this model year and stamped or extruded tower surfaces it would be in your best interest to also look at getting a set of our “E rings” product. Find them on home page . One order covers a car. 


Our current powder coater has a 5-7 day turnaround period, which can vary with their workloads as can mine; all the more reason we ask of presumptive time allotment. Of course, We will always be looking for ways of serving our customers in the earliest timeframe possible, as it benefits all parties. Again, I gain zero benefit from a longer process but our “build to order” and somewhat custom handmade processes simply require it, and of course all patience afforded is sincerely appreciated.  

if you have questions of bundling or need further assistance or any unique situation contact me before purchase to see what’s possible.    

Thank You!


I am doing my best to update turnaround times to be more accurate as times, order types and quantities are always changing and varying. All products and orders may be subject to longer turnaround times during pandemic and while my vendors are effected or recovering from it. I count on several vendors or services to produce items I use to build these products, coat, bolt, pack and ship them. 
Thank you for understanding. 

   Always check front page of the site for most up to date amd accurate turnaround times.   Being as I handle everything myself, amd things vary quite often, it’s hard to keep updating every single article for sale so this is why o ask that everyone ultimately refers to the websites front page and if it is still unclear simply email me. 



turnaround times are essentially same as given on bike page or any other product page. 

sales are essentially final. 

Be sure it’s right for you before ordering, cancel or return policies bottom of home page . 

Apologies in advance but please do not “expect” “updates”. This is somethg I have had to phase out as the process is too hard to pin down dates, I simply just know the usual appx turnaround time and that’s what everyone else should simply expect their item by or sooner. If to be later I would absolutely contact you. I do my level best to post what to expect in my item descriptions and as a one man company I’m very deep in the actual production. I also do several orders at the same time up into a certain point in the process of their build or coat difference causes to branch off. Any given items eta  is sometimes simply too ambiguous to be able to provide up until a week before coat at best. Furthermore, I of course  count on several vendors or services to produce items I use to build these products, coat, bolt, pack and ship them as well, so I hope it is understandable now how the process works and why I have found it either too difficult or inaccurate etc to mess with this and I just keep head down to keep parts moving. 

. Every order comes out appx same turnaround as the last with minimlal 1-2 week fluctuation depending on any given thing listed above. These are the very best US hand made products available and simply take time to provide. Trust that id love to ship it day of sale even more than the buyer!  I surely gain nothing within the eta window and do my best to keep it as short as I can. 

thank you so much for your patronage and understanding, I truly appreciate it.