*Announcement* September orders will be shipping after T giving holiday, October orders will ship shortly after that. Sorry I have had no email communications recently, so this update will have to suffice for the time being. Thank you. All current and or pending orders, of course, are in progress. There has been a very problematic supply issue with tubing needs but it is and or has been worked out as it is a constantly changing situation. Extreme measures and expenses are being paid to get what’s needed when it’s found or available to get items taken care of. They will be out as I always say, as it does me no favors to go longer, “ASAP”, without a doubt. ** Thank you for browsing DMG Autosport, where you’ll find the highest level of quality, hand-made products for your BMW, worldwide. While every item takes its own average amount of time to build once reached in the queue, they all require a fair amount in keeping with the level of quality and standards I choose to maintain for all of you. Thanks so much in advance for your understanding and support to help make this possible.

Cally Notes

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